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Polite in Public. Because everybody loves a photo of themselves looking super-hot.

Polite in Public Photobooth Hire

At Polite in Public, we believe in taking photos that people love. We believe in creating the most unforgettable moment a consumer will ever have with your brand – and sharing it instantly with hundreds of their closest friends.

By simulating studio-quality photography environments and developing the most advanced post-processing retouch technology, we’ve found the secret of social media: People share what they love.

Want to know the secret to social media?
People share what they love.

Understanding this, we believe that marketing to consumers should be fun and gaining Likes on Facebook should come because people actually like what you do.

So, let us help. We specialise in ridiculously fun social marketing, which includes:

  • Increasing “Likes” on corporate Facebook fan pages
  • Creating consumer excitement via instant Facebook & Twitter photo sharing
  • Giving clients certified ROI statistics for social media campaigns
  • Making on-site activation experiences awesome for guests (and measurable for clients)
  • Generating consumer takeaways that are valued, not discarded

If you’re curious about a Polite in Public photo booth – let our work do the talking – we believe it speaks for itself.

Ask us about photo booth hire for weddingsbirthdaysbar & bat mitzvahs and Christmas parties today.

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